Tuesday, 14 April 2015

RNLI Central London Committee Winter Lunch

A rather belated post about the wonderful RNLI Central London Committee 'Winter Lunch' which happened on the 29th January 2015.

Organised by a charmingly formidable group of ladies who share a passion for the RNLI but with a special mention for Pat Telfer and Ginna Gayner who not only invited us, encouraging us to ride our static cycles in full RNLI Tour of Britain kit in the foyer of the Royal Thames Yacht Club promoting our challenge but also kindly offered to direct the proceeds of the lunch to The RNLI Tour of Britain's fundraising efforts.

An enormous £9651 was raised which pushes us well past the £40k mark and has given us the momentum required to attempt to reach £50k by the time we roll back into London, circumnavigation complete in 2016.

Some photos of the event are below: