Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day 2: Porthcawl to Burry Port

What a day! The sun was shining the wind was on our backs (most of the time) and we were done and dusted by 4pm!After an early start after a large cooked breakfast from Olivia's house B&B in Porthcawl (which was excellent) we headed towards the Port Talbot. On our arrival we found about 50 women doing some form of military fitness on the amazingly long beach. We can confirm that there was the full spectrum of human shapes and sizes present all giving it their best 'rocky' style running up the steps from the beach to the promenade. This spectacle delayed our departure by 10 mins or so but it was well worth it.

Spurred on by their enthusiasm, We set off for The Mumbles. With a strong Easterly wind on our back and our heads down we were there by 11am and were very happy with our progress.

Greeted by Shirley and Tony who were managing the RNLI shop. They kindly filled our bottles and even bought us a bag of fruit sherbets each!

The afternoon cycle was a little longer heading onto then of the Gower Peninsula via the Horton and Port Eynon Station which was sat back from a beautiful beach flanked by cliffs reminiscent of the Jurassic Coast.

Heading East off The Gower meant tackling the wind that had been on our backs all day- this slowed our progress somewhat but a portion is scampi and chips eased the pain. All that remained
was the 30km left to Burry Port.

The last 5km of which was a beautifully tarmac'd cycle path running alongside the beach. We celebrated our completed day with a Mr. Whippy and headed to The George B&B which Hefin Williams (one of the crew) had kindly put us up in. We gave him a call and ended up having a few pints with him and some fellow crew mates who are all such genuine guys. What a welcome!

The sound of karaoke across the road is 'lulling' is to sleep albeit at 9pm! Rain is forecast for all day tomorrow so wish us luck!

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