Friday, 2 August 2013

The night before...

Normally the night before one of our trips is a manic packing frenzy where we are desperately trying to find that elusive pot of chamois cream or that pack of cable ties that I could swear was in the toolbox. 

This year it's just the same but with an added emotional dimension - Nick and I will be leaving our wives and 5 and 8 month old babies behind for 10 days, the longest period we've been away since became parents. 

Thankfully Zef was a great help with the packing, ensuring our first-aid kit was fully hydrated with baby dribble. 

In all seriousness this post is dedicated to Hannah and Harriet who have been kind enough to be the single parent while simultaneously letting us escape the city and pootle around on our bikes for 9 days in an effort to fundraise for the RNLI. 

We really are both very grateful. 

R & N

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