Saturday, 15 August 2015

Leg 6, Day 6: Kinghorn - Dunbar

What a way to start the day- waking up and looking out your window and seeing this view. Almost enough to make you forget the fact that your inflatable roll mat had a slow puncture and needed refilling every hour (poor Nick). 

With the feast of food kindly provided by Ann, the wife of  Alan, Kinhorn's LOM including granola and bacon rolls we also had the best breakfast of the week so far. Packed up our bags and rolled out of the station at 8am enjoying every bit of sunshine, thinking how much better the weather has been than last year. 
For the majority of the 15 miles to the Forth Road Bridge we took the coastal path which meandered around the south coast of Fife. All the time we could see far on the horizon the Bass Rock an island that glimmers white entirely due to the local bird population!

After a photo outside Queensferry RNLI station we topped up our breakfasts with a coffee and cake at a nearby cafe, chatting about our challenge to a couple on a tandem who kindly donated their change. 


Continuing on the coastal path, diverting from the planned route above we saw Dalmeny House and the surrounding grounds before skirting past Edinburgh via Leith harbour. On our way out of edinburgh we picked up a couple of cyclists from Dirt School who kindly shielded Nick and I from the slight headwind most of the way to North Berwick, taking in some surprisingly beautiful scenery. 

A hearty burger and chips was needed to finish off the last 35km to Dunbar, via North Berwick RNLI station, we got our heads down and arrived just after 4pm. After a cup of tea we met Henry Weaver, RNLI's Scottish Press Officer, who coordinated a photoshoot and penned a brief press release covering the fact that by the end of tomorrow we will have cycled the entire Scottish coast. 

Tomorrow's forecast look ominous to say the least- heavy rain all day. Let's hope Nick gets a better night's sleep. 

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