Thursday, 21 July 2016

LEG 7 - DAY 3: Cleethorpes- Hunstanton

RNLI TOUR OF BRITAIN - LEG 7 - DAY 3 from Rad Hart-George on Vimeo.

I have come to the realisation that, as with fishing, conditions are rarely good for cycling! Perhaps I am just a typical cyclist now?  One would have thought that the Lincolnshire Fens- one of the flattest parts of the country, would have been ideal. However, with a 15-20mph head wind (a little like having your brakes half on all day) and a heat wave (combined with the wind, feeling rather like someone blowing an enormous hairdryer in your face), was pretty exhausting stuff.

We woke at Kings Royal Hotel in Cleethorpes, after a comfortable (a real luxury being in a bed for the night) but rather hot night.  Many thanks again to Ash who kindly put us up for the night. We decided to get underway early, to get a few hours on the road in cooler weather, before the day heated up again, and were off by 6.30am

Our legs were certainly tired as we set off for day 3, following the 180km+ ride yesterday, but we made good progress as we ploughed south across the fens.Today was a day of mile upon mile of flat arable land, many thousands of caravans and static homes, interspersed with amusement parks.

It was also the first time a driver has pulled in having seen our tops as they passed and donated some money to the fundraising efforts... With many thanks from us both to the lovely Norfolk lady who did this! 

Our station stops today included Mablethorpe (a seaside town on a beautiful white sand beach, but heaving with amusement arcades and slot machines), and Skegness (a rather larger version of the same- with a very welcoming crew who gave us a coffee and rest in the heat of the day). 

The route then took us a rather long way around The Wash, taking in Bolton (a bustling market town), and further down the road Kings Lynn (which had a stunning waterfront and historic centre). 

Thankfully the wind turned to the south and gave us a much needed tail wind for the final 30km up to Hunstanton- the final destination of the day.

Following the heatwave over the past two days I am writing this from the shelter of our room with an impressive thunder storm outside- hoping that it will bring cooler weather and clearer air for tomorrow.

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