Friday, 29 July 2016

Return Celebration

The final part of the ride took us over Putney bridge and along the edge of the Thames, past the boat houses:

As we rode into Putney on Sunday we were greeted by family, friends and the Chiswick Lifeboat on the river, outside Thames Rowing Club. An amazing gathering which we were both very touched by.

This marked the end of our seven year expedition to cycle around all the lifeboat stations in Britain, and it’s fair to say that it was a moment of mixed emotions for us both- relief that we had returned in one piece without major incident, sadness that our trip had come to an end, and elation to be greeted by nearest and dearest including our respective wives and children. Quite a moment…


Inside the club house, our celebrations continued – a great opportunity to catch up with so many friends, family and RNLI crew.



Particular thanks to:


·        Our two main sponsors- Knight Frank and Rackspace Cloud Hosting

·        All those who have donated so generously to us over the years

·        Flickie P-B- Our chief fundraiser!

·        Tony Vlasto- Chairman of the City of London RNLI- a phenomenal support

·        Will Holland,  the Peloton and support team

·        Thames Rowing Club for the use of their fantastic club house

·        Chiswick RNLI


  1. Awesome dudes.....what an achievement! Also hoping to see you commentating at next year's Tdf!

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